CAPQ assist ESSVE in improving perceived colour quality

8 November 2017

During October we kicked-off a cooperation with Swedish tooling company Essve to improve the perceived colour quality of their identity colour- ESSVE GREEN. Essve is market leading in the Nordic region within construction tools such as screws and fasteners. With over 40 years’ experience, they are now one of the fastest growing companies in their industry and continue to expand in other parts of the world. By now actively focusing on improving overall colour and appearance of their product range, they continue to exert their brand as a premium choice for customers in both industry and the private sector.

As a part of the project, representatives of Essve were welcomed to CAPQ headquarter for a full day of workshop activities. The day included colour measurement and analysis of their product range and a colour tolerance study of ESSVE GREEN. Furthermore the co-operation will continue as CAPQ will keep close contact with Essve and their main suppliers by producing and distributing secondary colour masters and supporting in quality control.

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